Affiliate Marketing Income Report Round-up (Summer 2019)

I always love to read Affiliate Marketing Income Report round-ups! They are super inspiring, plus you get to see what is working (and in some cases, what is not) for bloggers and affiliate marketers of all kinds. 

I’ve thought about doing my own affiliate marketing income reports, but with two niche sites and Thriving Affiliates my time is short. Plus, with round-ups like this, you get to see how people are making affiliate income over a variety of subjects and sites. 

So let’s get to it, shall we?! 

I love reading Affiliate Marketing Income Report round-ups! And this one shows a bunch of different kinds of blogs, all making money with affiliate marketing! #thrivingaffiliates #affiliatemarketing

Blog Name:




Total reported: $39,448.92
From Affiliate Marketing: $36,562.95

Ryan’s blog is, well, a blog about blogging. Which is (going to become, if not already obviously) a popular (read: competitive) topic.

But as you can see in this affiliate marketing income report from July 2019, the majority of his income is from affiliate marketing. The next two biggest chunks of income come from course sales and ads on his site. 

Ryan also shared some insightful stats: his blog had 457,446 Sessions and 113,735 Total Email Subscribers. 

You can read the full report here. 

Blog Name:



Home Decor

Total income reported: $6,949.64

From Affiliate Marketing: $4,556.69

While Blog Ambitious is, largely, a blog about blogging, their income reports are based on a home decor niche site they started before blogging about blogging. 

I like how they also disclose that, in the first 8 months of the home decor blog they made only $1,876. Some people would be very happy with that amount, but I know that many more would have given up, saying it’s not enough. 

But look where the blog is now: making close to $5000 a month from affiliate marketing! 

You can read the full affiliate marketing income report from July 2019 here. 


Blog Name:



Lifestyle and undisclosed. 

Total income reported: $6,839.30

From Affiliate Marketing: $2,841.28

The Fab 20’s is what I would call a general lifestyle blog. There are posts about things like: meal prep, books, fitness, bullet journaling, travel, finance, relationships, etc. 

Their second blog niche is undisclosed, and she reported creating a new (third) blog recently, too. 

As you can see from the income reported, just under half comes from affiliate marketing (and most of that comes from Amazon.) The majority comes from ads on her site(s), but with the traffic reported (314,915 sessions across all three sites) I’ll bet there are ways she could make even more with affiliate marketing. Either way, well done! 

You can read the Fab 20’s full affiliate marketing income report from July 2019 right here. 

Blog Name:



Health (food, beauty, wellness). 

Total income reported: $16,296.14

From Affiliate Marketing: $11,328.67

Kate and her blog, Root & Revel, are one of my favorite types of bloggers, because she took her own life experiences (dealing with issues like anxiety and PCOS, etc.) and started blogging about them. She’s been blogging full-time since January of 2017, so while you wouldn’t necessarily call her an overnight success, she has certainly grown her blog income quickly! 

I appreciate how Kate also shares not only her income and expenses, but also other goals like email subscribers (as well as open- and click through-rates), domain authority, and RPM. 

Check out her full report (the most recent I could find was for March 2019) right here. 

Blog Name:



Blogging + fashion and lifestyle. 

Total income reported: $3,395.05

From Affiliate Marketing: $2,393.18

In this affiliate marketing income report from April 2019, Chic Pursuit owner Marie shares a cautionary tale about how her blog completely vanished from the internet for two weeks. (Which is one of the many reasons I recommend SiteGround, as they offer free daily website backups.) 

But as you can see, about 2/3rds of the income in this report is from affiliate marketing (and most of that coming from the Amazon Associates program.) 

Check out the full report here

Blog Name:




Total income reported: $18,065

From Affiliate Marketing: $12,332 

Katie & Ben from Two Wandering Soles are a fun and inspirational couple — and not just because of their income! This pair travels the world, and of course, blogs about it!

What a dreamy way to make a living! 

In this particular affiliate marketing income report (from May 2019 — the most recent I could find) about two-thirds of their income was from (largely travel-related) affiliate income. 

You can see their full report here

What do you think? Did these affiliate marketing income reports inspire you, too?

I do think it’s interesting. In DotCom Secrets (which you can get here for FREE – just pay s&h!) Russell Brunson teaches that, on average, you can expect to make about $1 per person on your email list. The savvier the marketer, the more that number could grow. In almost all cases in this round up, that statement holds true! 

I tried to include a wide variety of blog types, so that you can see you can make money with affiliate marketing in so many different niches! My (undisclosed) niche sites do, and they are basically a hobby and niche-interest site. 

So if you haven’t started a blog yet, check out my free tutorial about how to start a blog that makes passive income with affiliate marketing

If you have a blog, but you’re new to affiliate marketing, I recommend getting Pat Flynn’s (free) EPIC Guide to Affiate Marketing

So, what do you think? Did you enjoy this round up? Should I start sharing my own income reports? Let me know in the comments below! 

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