Free Video Course: Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest. Make Money with Etsy without “making” anything

Did you know there is a way to make money with Etsy without “making” anything? It’s true! It’s all because you can do Etsy affiliate marketing on Pinterest (IF you do it right! Read on to learn how!) 

If you’ve ever said:  I love shopping on Etsy…

Or… I wish I could make money pinning on Pinterest! It’s so fun! 

Or even: I’d love to have a fun, part-time side hustle to make a little extra money each month.  

Well, I’m here to show you, YOU CAN! (And it’s pretty easy and a lot of fun!) 

Did you know that you don’t have to have a shop or make any products in order to make money with Etsy? 

It’s true! 

You see, I’ve figured out a way to create an Etsy side hustle, without ever having to “make” anything. In this class, I’ll teach you how to use four powerful tools to create an Etsy side hustle income with affiliate marketing. They are:

Watch this quick but thorough class to find out exactly how, and be on your way to making extra money with Etsy, today!  

Just a couple of things to note before we get started! All of the links I mention in the videos are those above (AWIN, Etsy, Pinterest, and Tailwind).

They can also be found in the free class handout, which you can get by subscribing to our emails. Included in the class handout is a handy ‘getting started checklist’, so you don’t miss a single step. 

While this course is thorough, it’s quick (just over 20 minutes). You may want to watch all of the videos through, and then go back and watch each one, doing the required steps, one by one. Either way, be sure to bookmark this page! 

pin me!

Also, if you have any questions about any of it, please feel free to leave them in the comments. And once you’ve completed the class project, post it in the comments so we can go see, like and share it! 

Okay… let’s start the class! 

Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, Intro:

Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, Part 1:

You can get all the links and your printable class project tracker in a downloadable PDF by joining our email list. But if you just want the info right here on this page, here it is! 

The links you’ll need:


Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Checklist

  • Sign up for an AWIN account
  • Apply for the Etsy Affiliate Program
  • Spruce up your Pinterest account, including:
    • Sign up for a business account
    • Verify or “claim” your website
    • Apply for rich pins
    • Fill out your bio
    • Use a photo of yourself or your logo
    • Make sure all your boards are in the correct category
    • Write keyword rich descriptions for each board
    • Choose beautiful images for each board’s cover photo
  • Sign up for a free trial of Tailwind
  • Install the Tailwind Publisher extension app
  • Create Board Lists in Tailwind
  • Come up with 10 Blog Post ideas (featuring affiliate links, of course)
  • Start by creating at least one blog post with Etsy affiliate links
  • Share that blog post in the comments at the bottom of this page
  • Stay committed and watch your side hustle income grow!

If you have questions or comments about any of this, please leave a comment at the end of this post. But also note that I will be covering these ideas in more depth in the remaining videos.

Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, Part 2:

Get the printable PDF by joining our email list, or simply use the checklist above.

Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, Part 3:

Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, Part 4:

If you want to learn about promoting pins on Pinterest (ie., advertising on Pinterest), I highly recommend the Pin Practical Promotions and Pin Practical Influence Bundle!

Learn how to verify or “claim” your website on Pinterest, step-by-step, here

Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, Part 5:

Get your free Tailwind trial here

You can take a look at my business Pinterest account here (along with updated stats: I now have over 12,000 followers). 

UPDATE: Pinterest now says you can pin as much as 100% of your own pins, but with one caveat: they want you to create NEW pins (for old content you’re re-pinning.) Experts recommend 2-3 new pins per old content per month. 

Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, Part 6:

PLEASE NOTE: This class was created before I rebranded and focused my business 100% on affiliate marketing. So you’ll see my old site and Pinterest account used in these videos. 

ALSO: When I first created this course, you could pin Etsy affiliate links directly, but Etsy has since banned that tactic. So these days, the only way to share your affiliate links is via your blog. I’ve updated the course in any areas that were outdated.

By the way, if you don’t already have a blog, I have a detailed tutorial here:

How to Start a Blog that Makes Passive Income
with Affiliate Marketing


Etsy Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, Part 7:

Reminder: the “class project section” in this case is simply the comment section below this post. 

One last and very important thing to remember about doing Etsy affiliate Marketing on Pinterest: be sure to give this process time to work! As I mentioned, it’s not a get-rich quick scheme. But if you take your time and stay committed, you can build a side hustle income that continues to grow, month after month, just like mine has. Although I make no income claims, I know this can work, because it’s worked for me. You just have to stay committed and dedicate a few hours a week to pinning those links!

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