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Please be sure to read this page thoroughly (I know it’s long, but it helps both of us in the long run!) before submitting any ideas or articles. Thanks! 

This is what Thriving Affiliates  looking for in a guest post: 


Affiliate marketing, being an affiliate, starting an affiliate program to help sell your own products, affiliate network reviews, affiliate product reviews, affiliate marketing success stories, affiliate marketing with a blog, affiliate marketing courses reviews, affiliate marketing tools reviews, affiliate marketing techniques, strategies and ideas. 

Sometimes I will accept an article that isn’t about affiliate marketing in some shape or form, and typically those are posts about blogging and/or general online business. 

Please continue to read all the requirements below before submitting your idea(s). 


I will only except the highest quality work, and I reserve the right to refuse any article submitted for any reason (or ask for revisions). I’ll let you know asap about any decisions.

Articles must be at least 1000 words and may not include your affiliate links. But do note that I may add my own affiliate links within the post. 

Articles posted elsewhere on the internet (or anywhere, for that matter) are NOT accepted. Please don’t try to submit previously published works, as we will check for this. 


Please note that we do not charge OR pay for guest posts submitted to this site. 


Posts should be submitted as a text only .docx file. 

Please note that we generally do not accept posts with info-graphics. In most cases I will provide all graphics for the post so it fits the Thriving Affiliates brand. But if an image is required to be included (to illustrate a point, do a review or tutorial, etc.), please send it separately attached to an email or via Google Drive. 

You may include one dofollow link in the article itself, and you may include a short (100 words or less) bio, with a link to your site and a photo if you’d like.  

By submitting your article you agree that Thriving Affiliates retains full Copyrights.  

Bonus Points:

Other things we like to see:

  • Posts over 3000 words
  • Posts with quotes from experts
  • Posts with research and references with outbound links

Sound Good?

If you agree to all of the above, please feel free to send me your ideas via email to jules[at] 

Important: please use “Guest Blog Post Submission – YES” as your subject line, so that I know you’ve read and agreed to everything on this page.

Please note I get a lot of submissions, so feel free to touch base with me again if I don’t respond within 2 weeks. 

I look forward to hearing from you!