How to make money with the Printful affiliate program

Most people know Printful as a print-on-demand service that will print on, and white-label drop-ship things like: t-shirts (all kinds of clothes, really), wall art, cell phone cases, stickers, mugs, pillows, etc. I have a shop that sells art through Printful and I love it. But most people don’t know about their recurring affiliate program, too! So today I thought I’d share how to make money with the Printful affiliate program

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I’ve made thousands of dollars with the Printful affiliate program, and while my results may not be typical, they were made with a single-page niche site. I created the site (and free course) once and simply continue to promote is passively and the affiliate commissions come in month after month.

And that’s just one way you can make money with Printful’s affiliate program

But first let me back up a bit and explain a bit more about what Printful is and does…

Printful is a Print on Demand (POD) service for online store owners. This means all of their products are made to order, so when a customer places an order with one of Printful’s store owners, Printful makes and ships the product. 

There are 200+ products in Printful’s catalog and they range from shirts and leggings, to mugs, backpacks, home decor and so much more. They even have a mock-up generator that can take your designs and put them on any of their products, so customers can see what they’re buying in advance. These images then appear in your online store as well through Printful’s ecommerce integration.

Printful is fully integrated with some of the most popular ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and many others, as well as online marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon. You can even add custom Printful integration to your own website. 

Once you’ve listed a product for sale, Printful handles everything once people start buying the products. It’s basically 99% hand-off and passive. This means less hassle for the sellers. Instead, they can focus on making the best designs for their products, marketing, and just growing their business.

A few more highlights: 

  • They have four locations around the world, so no matter where in the world you want to sell, Printful can make it happen.
  • There’s no minimum order, everything they print is done on demand (aka when a customer orders something). You never worry about keeping inventory.
  • Printful even offers ​custom branding​ options, which means everything can be printed and labeled with a brand’s name on it.
  • They offer white label shipping, so it looks like the order is coming from you, not Printful.
  • Signing up is free, creating product listings is free, and there are no monthly fees for using the service. Sellers only pay when an order comes in and only for the products that are ordered. 
  • They’re partnered with global shipping carriers to offer inexpensive shipping rates around the world, as well as reliable service so every customer receives their orders as fast as possible!

Having worked with Printful myself for many years, I can tell you from my own experience that they are always trying to improve (fulfillment times and shipping were sooo slow in years past… but not anymore!) Plus they are always adding new and sellable products. 

Okay, now let’s get on to the Printful Affiliate Program and how that works! 

Their affiliate program works differently than most affiliate programs you’re probably used to. Printful doesn’t pay you a commission on products you sell, but rather on the sales of sellers you refer. If that sounds confusing, let me explain it a different way:

Say you refer Joanna to Printful, and she starts a shop after clicking your affiliate link. For the next 9 months YOU earn 10% of the product price (minus any product discount) on products that are sold through Joanna’a shop. 

Talk about passive! You’re not even the one creating the shop(s) and making the sales! And this is how I’ve make thousands of dollars through the Printful affiliate program… 10% at a time. 

So how can YOU make money with the Printful Affiliate program? 

How to make money with the Printful affiliate program: 3 Ways

How-To Blog Posts

One way to make money with the Printful Affiliate Program is by creating “How To” type blog posts. Obviously your posts will cater to your audience. But here are some post ideas for blogs in different niches:

  • “How to Sell Baby Clothes Passively on Etsy” (for a mom/parenting blog)
  • “How I Paid for my Trip to Fuji Selling T-Shirts Passively” (for a travel blog)
  • “How to Work with a Print on Demand Company (and sell your designs passively)” (for a business blog)
  • “How to Sell Home Decor Passively On Your Blog” (home decor blogs) 
  • “This is How I Paid Off My Student Loans in One Year with Print on Demand” (personal finance blog)

The point is, when you create a complete, “ultimate” how-to, using Printful as the example Print On Demand service of choice you can teach people how to use it, and when they use your affiliate link, you earn that 10% on any sales from their shop for the first 9 months. 

eBooks or Courses

Creating a course on how to sell art passively is how I made most of my affiliate commissions from Printful. My Skillshare class, “Art Sales on Autopilot: Learn How to Start an Online Biz Selling Prints w/ Help From a Print Partner”  that I promote via a landing page at It’s doubly profitable, because Skillshare also pays me when students watch the class. 

But you could write an eBook along the same lines and sell is via SendOwl. Or teach a class on Udemy, Thinkific, or even on your own website. 

You could even give the information away for free on YouTube, but include your affiliate links in the video description. 

Review Printful

You could do a full review of Printful as a Print On Demand company. You could include the pros and cons of the website, go over some of the features, or show how to upload your designs to the platform, etc. 

You could go as far as ordering some of the products and do and un-boxing and review the products themselves. Printful allows makers to order up to twice a month, with up to 3 products per order at a 20% discount in order to see samples of products with your designs on them.

You could also do a review of the Printful affiliate program, itself. 

Of course, you can also promote Printful in other ways that might also be helpful to your audience, like via social media, in your email newsletter, on your podcast, etc. You could even teach a class offline about it, to artists or designers who want to start selling their work online.

So there you have it: how to make money with the Printful affiliate program! If you liked this post, you might also want to read “7 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WITH THE CREATIVE MARKET AFFILIATE PROGRAM“. ​

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