Money-Making Craft Blog Post Ideas

If you’ve started or want to start a craft blog, at some point you’ll probably want some money-making craft blog post ideas… And I’ve got nine of them for you!

Normally what I talk about here on Thriving Affiliates is, well, affiliate marketing. 😉 And most of the ideas below will involve affiliate marketing as the main source of monetization. That’s because, as you probably already know, you won’t make a ton of money from ads or sponsors until you have a lot of traffic. But you can make money with affiliate marketing right away!

So let’s get to it…

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✔️ Take a Craft Class on CreativeBug or Skillshare and Write About it.

This is actually one of the ways I make money on my own craft/hobby niche site. Both CreativeBug (my personal favorite!) and Skillshare have hundreds, if not thousands of classes to choose from.

So in this case, you’d sign up for their respective affiliate programs CreativeBug’s affiliate program is in the ShareaSale network and pays $6 per lead. And if you’re not a teacher on Skillshare (which has its own, specific affiliate program), you can sign up for their affiliate program through the FlexOffers network and pays $8-12.

Taking classes on platforms like this and then blogging about them is super fun! You not only get plenty of photo ops as you work through the project, you can even (potentially) interview the instructor(s) by reaching out and explaining what you’re doing. More eyes on their classes and students in their classes is better for them, too.

✔️ Buy a Craft Kit and do a Demo with it

There are so many craft kits out there, but in this case you’ll want to be sure it’s for sale on a platform that has an affiliate program. Amazon and Etsy both come to mind.

If you’re not an Amazon Associate already, you can sign up here. And Etsy’s affiliate program is through AWIN.

In general terms, I found more adult craft kits on Etsy and kid’s craft kits on Amazon (although this felt succulent kit I found there is sooo cute!)

The point is to buy the kit and demonstrate how to use it (with lots of photos), and then, obviously, link to the kit with your affiliate link.

✔️ Make Your Own Craft Kits and Sell Them

If you’re really industrious, you could make your own craft kits and sell them. Depending on the nature of your craft, this could be as simple as gathering a few of the necessities (like yarn, needles and a pattern), or getting the kit manufactured by an outside company.

That said, it’s a pretty big undertaking. You have to produce the kit, store it (or pay for storage), ship it, handle customer services issues/returns, etc. I’m not trying to talk you out of something like this, but I will say, not having to deal with that stuff if part of the reason I love affiliate marketing so much! 😉

✔️ Write a DIY Tutorial and Link to Items Used

This is kind of like the idea above, minus the headaches. In other words: you create the craft idea from scratch, but instead of selling the kit, you can just link to each individual product used with your affiliate links.

For example, if you created a stuffed animal DIY tutorial, you could link to: the fabrics, threads, embellishments (like buttons for eyes, lace for the collar, etc.), even the sewing machine you used, etc.

✔️ Create a Tutorial for a Craft, But Also Sell the Product You Make 

This is also somewhat like the two ideas above, but rather than selling the kits or linking to the products used with affiliate links (though you could still do one or both of those in this post, too), sell the actual product you make – either on your own site with a shop like Shopify, or on a site like Etsy (use that link to get your first 40 Etsy listings for free.) 

I mention this because not everyone will have the time or skills to make what you’re teaching, but they might still want the finished product. (I offer this advice in reverse, so to speak, to some Etsy sellers: that they should not only sell the product, but the “how to” make the product for those people who want to DIY it themselves.)

✔️ Write About Ways to Make Money with Crafts

Have you taken a course, read a book (or ebook) or learned about making money with crafts that you could write about and promote with an affiliate link? If so, this is a great way to earn affiliate commissions.

If you haven’t taken any courses (that have an affiliate program attached) you could instead write about making money with crafts, and linking to 5-10 books on the subject with your Amazon affiliate links.

✔️ Passively Sell Printables or Patterns

Next to affiliate marketing, selling printable or patterns passively is one of my favorite ways to make passive income with my blog. You can set up a shop on Etsy and/or Shopify that will allow you to sell digital downloads passively.

Basically, it looks like this; you create a craft pattern or digital kit, you then put it up for sale in your shop, when someone buys it, it’s automatically downloaded to their computer. It’s largely hands-off. 

✔️ Create a Top Ten List

Create a list of the “Top 10 tools every crafter should have”. Or “Top Ten Paint Colors for 2020”. You get the idea. And frankly, it doesn’t have to be ten items. — it could be 7, or 107! It’s totally up to you. 

✔️ An “Organizing for Crafters” Post

If you’re already blogging about crafts and/or DIYs, you know that most crafters have tons of products they use. After awhile, storage and organization becomes an issue!

You could write a blog about how you solve that problem, and use affiliate links for the organizational tools you use.  


While these aren’t blog post ideas, they are additional ways to make money with your craft or DIY blog. 

✔️ Get sponsored

While it is true most sponsors want to see that you have a large and loyal audience, there are some who are willing to work with smaller/more beginner bloggers. So don’t count yourself out! If you love and actually use a particular product or brand, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to them and see if they were interested in sponsoring one (or more) of your craft blog posts. 

Having followers outside your blog helps, too. Having a sizable following on places like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are attractive to sponsors.

✔️ Put ads on your site 

There is a lot of controversy about having ads on your site, but I’m all for it… on the right kind of sites. And I think craft/DIY sites are perfect for ads. As you can see, I don’t have ads on this site (though I might change that in the future), but I do have them on my craft/hobby niche site.

I use (and recommend) Ezoic. They use artificial intelligence to make sure your readers have the best possible experience on your site and that you make the most money that you can from their ads with that optimization. If you have at least 10k sessions per month, I would definitely check them out.

There you have it! Nine money-making craft blog post ideas, plus two bonus ideas! I hope this helped spark some blog post ideas that will help you make money with your blog.  

If you haven’t yet started a craft (or other) blog, check out “how to start a blog that makes passive income with affiliate marketing”… it applies to blogs in every niche!

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