The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

I love podcasts. It’s kind of funny too, because just six years ago, I really had no idea what they were, or how to even listen to them. But my good friend was obsessed with the podcast “You Made it Weird” by comedian Pete Holmes, and it was after her insistence that I listen to it that I finally started to listen to podcasts. And I’m so glad I did! I focused mainly on business-related podcasts and I feel like I’ve learned enough from them to earn a Bachelor’s Degree! 😂 But today I want to share with you the best affiliate marketing podcasts, specifically. 

One of my favorite ways to learn about Affiliate Marketing is by listening to Podcasts. So I created this list of The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts! #thrivingaffiliates #affiliatemarketingpodcasts

As a head’s up, I just want to share with you that a lot of affiliate marketing podcasts have come and gone. In this list (as of the time I’m publishing it) all of these podcasts are being actively produced. Internet marketing in general changes so fast, I don’t want to lead you to a podcast that is teaching old, outdated affiliate marketing methods. 

Okay, now lets get to this list of the 7 best affiliate marketing podcasts. 

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

While it’s not strictly about affiliate marketing, The Smart Passive Income Podcast was probably one of the first business podcasts I started listening to in 2014. Pat Flynn, the host of the show, has since become my Internet mentor and coach, even if he doesn’t realize it. 😉

But seriously, I’ve learned so much from Pat, not only from his free podcasts, blog and emails, but I’ve also taken two of his courses: Power-Up Podcasting and 123 Affiliate Marketing. I’ve read both of his books, “Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money” and “Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business” and yes, you could say I’m truly one of Pat’s Superfans! 

One of the main reasons I look up to Pat so much is because of how ethical he is in all that he does. I’ve taken dozens of affiliate marketing courses (and I even teach one, here) but 123 Affiliate Marketing is my favorite, by far. 

Having said all that, Pat talks (and teaches) a lot more than just Affiliate Marketing, so his podcast covers more than just affiliate marketing, too. Because of that, I’ve listed several of my favorite episodes below that are either specifically about affiliate marketing, or cover that topic in a more general way. But quite frankly, I recommend any and all episodes that you feel drawn to listen to. They’re all so good, you can’t go wrong! 

Pat also has a podcast called Ask Pat 2.0, and here are a few affiliate marketing related episodes:

The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle Show is another podcast that isn’t strictly about affiliate marketing, but it’s so good and has enough great episodes about the subject, I wanted to include it, too. 

Nick Loper is the host, and also the author of “The Progress Journal: A Simple Daily Planner to Make Meaningful Progress on Your Most Important Work” (which I have a well-used copy of right in front of me on my desk!), “Buy Buttons: The Fast-Track Strategy to Make Extra Money and Start a Business in Your Spare Time“, and “The Side Hustle: How to Turn Your Spare Time into $1000 a Month or More” among others. 

Nick reminds me of that super smart, earnest, quiet friend you know you can always count on. Which is why I am such a huge fan of his show, and listen every week (even when the topic has nothing to do with affiliate marketing!) But here are some episodes that do talk about affiliate marketing:

Niche Pursuits Podcast

I knew about affiliate marketing for years, but it wasn’t until I listened to the Niche Pursuits Podcast with Spencer Haws that I learned about “niche sites.” In case you don’t know, niche sites are basically web sites that are targeted around a specific niche. Typically the niches are fairly small, but not always!

For example, a niche could be as large as “health” or as medium sized as “natural remedies” to as narrow and specific as “hair loss.” 

In 2018 Spencer created a challenge called the Niche Site Project, which is when I created my first niche site. (And got me so excited about affiliate marketing, that I decided to go “all in!”)

While his episodes aren’t as regular as I’d like (because I love the show so much!) I think the podcast is definitely worth subscribing to, as the majority of them do cover affiliate marketing. I find his income report episodes particularly inspiring. 

The Authority Hacker Podcast

The Authority Hacker Podcast is another one that I highly recommend and look forward to each week. Gael Breton and Mark Webster are the hosts and co-founders of Authority Hacker. Besides their cool accents (French and I believe Scottish, respectively) these guys really know their stuff.

If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for awhile and are looking for information beyond the basics, this is your podcast. It’s definitely one of the best affiliate marketing podcasts.

In fact, they have a free webinar about how to build six-figure authority sites you can take right here. They can teach it because they’ve DONE it. 

In fact, I had an idea for my next niche site (authority sites and niche sites are arguably the same thing) and it was after listening to one of their podcast episodes where they mentioned some niches they’d love to start a new authority site for, if they had time. Well, one of those niches was one that I’d been considering, so I’m going for it! 

Some of my favorite Authority Hacker Podcast episodes include:

  • The Authority Side Model 2020 (episode #182)
  • 9 Tips to Starting a Site in a Niche You Know Nothing About (episode #154)
  • How Much Does it REALLY Cost to Build a Successful Website? (episode #153)
  • 7 Tips to Write Better Affiliate Reviews (episode #145)
  • 7 Successful Authority Sites You Can Model After (episode #135)

Screw the Nine to Five

While Josh and Jill Stanton from the Screw the Nine to Five podcast are all in on affiliate marketing in their own business, they teach a variety of topics around online business and entrepreneurship on the show. This married couple has got to be one of the funniest I’ve ever “met” (only through the show at this point!) So you’ll not only learn, you’ll laugh! 

They’ve made money with affiliate marketing via blogs/niche sites as well as the Screw The Nine To Five website, so they come with a wide variety of knowledge (as well as a sassy potty mouth I can’t get enough of!) 

Some standout episodes include:

The Miles Beckler Podcast

The Miles Beckler Podcast is newer to me, but I really like his authenticity and willingness to share, so I wanted to include his show here.

He also podcasts about more general Internet Marketing and Niche Sites, but some of his episodes about affiliate marketing should not be missed! Like:

  • 5 Biggest Lies About Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Website vs. Authority Website? Which One is the Best for Your Online Business?
  • All of the affiliate marketing website case study episodes
  • Affiliate Marketing: Learn Exactly What it Takes to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing
  • Etc.

I believe Miles re-purposes all of his content, so if you’d rather read about these subjects, you can find them on his blog, or you can watch the video versions on his YouTube channel

Be The Ultimate Affiliate Podcast

Be The Ultimate Affiliate podcast is a newer podcast brought to us by the people behind Ultimate Bundles: where they create bundles of info products that they market and sell through affiliates. Most of the bundles are discounted drastically (like 98% off the retail price!)

In fact, when I first joined their affiliate program I quickly realized they had (/have) one of the best training programs for their affiliates that I’ve ever seen before. (And the training is 100% free, as it should be.) You can apply to be an affiliate here

So I knew when they came out with their podcast, I’d be a fan. They did not disappoint me! 

Coming Soon to This List…

The Thriving Affiliates Podcast will soon be on this list, too! As of the time I’m publishing this post, I’m finishing my book about affiliate marketing. Once that’s been published, my next step is a Podcast! I’m super excited to share it with you, soon. 

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