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When I was a young girl my mom loved to call me Goldilocks, and not because of my curly blonde hair. It was because I wanted everything “just right” (like the the main character in the fairy tail “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” always searched for.) Which might explain why I (finally!) found the best email service for beginner bloggers! 

You see, I  went from ConvertKit to Kartra to FloDesk. And just like Goldilocks says: I think Flodesk is “just right” for beginner (and even more advanced) bloggers. Let me tell you why…

I finally found the best email service for beginner bloggers (& even more advanced bloggers) after using & testing different email marketing service providers. #thrivingaffiliates #bloggingtips #emailmarketing #emailnewsletter

Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different email marketing service providers, like Aweber, Mailchimp (which I stopped using almost immediately because of their “anti-affiliate marketing” terms), Kartra, and for years I used and loved ConvertKit. I would go as far to say was a ConvertKit superfan! I even went to their yearly conference in Boise, Idaho (and learned so much, thanks to the speakers like Nicole Walters, James Clear, and even Seth Godin!) In fact, for now I’m still staying with ConvertKit for one of my email lists (I have three.)

The thing is, ConvertKit and Flodesk do a lot of the same things! But Flodesk makes it easier and more affordable. With both email newsletter providers you can (among other things):

  • Send out broadcast emails (which are one-off emails sent weekly, monthly, daily, etc.) 
  • Set up a series of emails (like a welcome series or funnel)
  • Deliver “lead magnets” (or the freebie you offer in exchange for getting on your list)
  • Segment subscribers (so you know who has done what on your list)
  • Have more than one email address you can mail from (this is currently the only place where, in my opinion, ConvertKit shines, because they let you have as many email addresses as you want — at least I never hit any limit. Right now, Flodesk only allows you two email addresses to send from. Which is part of the reason I’m continuing to use ConvertKit for one of my lists)
  • Design gorgeous emails (and this is where Flodesk shines! I’ll share a “before and after” video below of both emails — plus one sent with Kartra — but Flodesk not only gives you templates to start your design, but also allows you to make your own. I know you can design beautiful emails in ConvertKit, but I never figured out how, and I didn’t want to pay someone to do it for me.) 
  • Set up subscription forms, pop-ups and landing pages (Again, Flodesk wins here. Thy offer stunning templates for all your needs. Converkit’s form are super-blah.) 
  • They give you insights and stats about your emails (open rates, click through rates, etc.) 
  • Allow you to tag subscribers (you can tag subscribers when they do allkinds of things: click a link, make a purchase, sign up to a specific form, how engaged they are, where they are on their journey, etc.) 
  • Offer an affiliate program (okay, truth be told, ConvertKit offers a better affiliate program, because they pay recurring commissions on the life of a customer, whereas Flodesk offers a one-time payout. As a person who sings the praises of recurring affiliate income, I think you can guess that I honestly, earnestly think Flodesk is the best email service for beginner bloggers because I’m NOT just recommending them for the affiliate commissions.)

Speaking of money: let’s talk price! As I’m writing this (11/19/2019) ConvertKit starts at $29 per month for up to 1000 subscribers. For 1k-3k subscribers it’s $49 per month, $79 for 3k-5k subscribers, and up from there. 

Also as of right now, Flodesk is offering 50% off your subscription — for-ev-er! — when you use my affiliate link. That means you get their “unlimited everything” (subscribers, emails sent, etc.) for just $19 a month right now. A price even beginning bloggers can live with, and more seasoned bloggers will find unbelievable. (But it’s true!)

Now let’s look at the difference in emails:

As you can see, the emails got progressively better, as did my open rates and click-through rates (not surprisingly). But the emails were also just better looking. I suppose not everyone wants or needs “pretty” emails… But if you do, they make it super easy. And if you don’t? They also make it super easy! 

Some other reasons I think Flodesk is the best email service for beginner bloggers: 

  •  It’s easy and intuitive to use
  • They have a Facebook community of users that are helpful and friendly
  • The templates are designed to convert browsers into subscribers, and subscribers into buyers
  • You can build workflows quickly and easily (no design or marketing degree required!) 
  • You can easily manage subscribers
  • Flodesk is GDPR compliant
  • You can easily transfer your current email list into Flodesk
  • You’re supporting a women-owned tech business when you use it
  • I know I mentioned it before, but that “Unlimited Everything” (especially with the 50% discount for life when you use my affiliate link) is just crazy amazing! That’s unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails. I don’t know of anyone else offering anything even close to that.  

But you know what else I love about Flodesk? It actually makes email marketing a joy! If you’ve ever struggled to get an email out to your list (or haven’t started an email list to begin with), Flodesk’s templates can actually help spark your creativity and ideas for what to send. 

Plus, if you watched the video with my email examples, you’ll notice that you can add your Instagram feed right into your emails. (And many other snazzy add-ons can be included in your templates!) 

So if you haven’t started an email list yet, or if you’re feeling suffocated by your ever-increasing email bill, or you simply want to send easy, quick, beautiful, and effective emails to you list, I highly recommend using Flodesk. If nothing else, use the 30 day trial to try it out (and remember you get 50% off for life when you use my affiliate link.)

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below, or contact me via the Thriving Affiliates contact page

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