What are Two Tier Affiliate Programs?

You probably already know what an affiliate program is (if not, check out this post to learn all about it!) But you may be wondering, what are two-tier affiliate programs?

What are "two-tier" affiliate programs, anyway? And how can they make bloggers more money? #thrivingaffiliates #affiliatemarketing

Simply put, a two tier affiliate program is a way to earn more money within that affiliate program by recommending others to join the program as affiliates themselves.

Let me give you some real-life examples of how two-tier affiliate marketing can work.

For instance, I’m an affiliate of a network called MaxBounty. If you sign up for MaxBounty using my link, I earn a 5% commission on all of your affiliate sales through the network in the first 12 months.

This type of payment system doesn’t take away from your commissions at all. It’s just an incentive for me to spread the word about MaxBounty, or whatever two tier affiliate program I’m in.

PeerFly is another two-tier affiliate network that pays you 5% for the first year on commissions an affiliate you’ve referred joins and promotes PeerFly offers.

Another example of a two tier affiliate program is Printful. Printful is a company that will print your art (or photography, words, etc.) on a variety of products and ship them directly to the customer on your behalf. I have a Printful shop myself, but I also refer others to the platform, and Printful pays me 10% commission on anything that person sells for the first nine months.

When you realize you can earn commissions on other people’s sales, it doesn’t take long before your mind starts thinking of ways you can promote these types of affiliate programs!

For instance, I created a class on Skillshare that teaches artists how to sell their work passively with Printful (Art Sales on Autopilot: Learn How to Start an Online Biz Selling Prints With Help From a Print Partner). Artists love this class, and use my Printful affiliate link to get started.

So I not only make passive income from the Skillshare class itself, but I’ve made thousands of dollars from Printful’s two-tier affiliate program as well!

Of course, that was a class that really fit my target market at the time, and that is something you’ll want to consider when looking for and recommending a two-tier affiliate program: does it fill a need or fix a problem for your customer avatar? If not, there’s not really any use in promoting it.

And because I’m not just an affiliate for MaxBounty but also a big fan of the network (I like how they vet new affiliates over the phone, and give you an affiliate manager to help you with any issues you might have), I list them on my Tools & Resources page. You could easily do the same on your own website.

Here are just a few examples of companies that offer two-tier affiliate programs:

Of course, there many other two-tier affiliate programs available. (For some reason they are VERY popular in the BitCoin and Online Gambling spaces, so if you are in those types of niches, you’re in luck here!) 

But hopefully this answered your question, What Are Two Tier Affiliate Programs? If not, please leave me a comment below and I’ll reply ASAP! 

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